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At Morph2 Recording, we treat the artist as the central, and most important part of recording, and we will work to get the best possible performance from a single voice, to a large band.State of the art microphones, 18 input/output high quality digital recording, 48 input pro recording console, incredibly clear monitoring, and a large collection of instruments, amplifiers, effects and software will make your project shine. At Morph2, we have extensive knowledge of recording, microphone techniques, and many styles of music, enabling the production of imtimate detailed peformances, or big, spacious sound. Neumann, Brauner, GT, AKG, Shure, Sennheisser, Audio Technica microphones. Korg hardware synth/vocoder, software synths EXS24 sampler, EVP88 electric piano, EVB3 organ, ES2 synth, Sculpture Modeling synth, Ultrabeat drum synth, and many more. Extensive guitar effects, hardware and software, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Gibson, M. Suzuki acoustic guitar, other guitars. Pearl Export drums, Istambul, Avedis Zildjian, Paiste Black Label/Red Label/2002 cymbals, Roland Electronic drum kit, Roland octapad.


Morph2 can deploy a wide range of mixing techniques, to polish your recordings and bring the final production to completion. Extensive list of plugins, Space Designer, Melodyne Pitch correction, FlexTime time correction, extensive editing capabilities, drum replacement/augmentation techniques.Mixing with eq, compression, parallel compression, sidechain processing, guitar re-amping techniques, and many other effects, and an ear for a big, full sound will advance your project to the final production master.


Morph2 has experience of composing music to bring clients ideas to realisation.Extensive experience in many styles of music including rock, rap, funk, reggae, hip-hop, classical, jazz, pop, RnB, salsa, and more.


18 analogue to digital input/output, 8 channel headphone monitoring, Distressor compressor, Daking Mic Pre/EQ, D.I., same great microphones. Morph2 can record in a house, club, rehearsal space, or even garden, if you have mains power.

: : FILM

Morph2 has experience of supplying bespoke music and sound design for film, for clients like Liptons, Fifty-Fifty Film, Livit and Science Et Cité, and can use Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Vocalign Dialogue software, and gigabytes of sound effects and samples to supply music and sound for film.


Morph2 can transfer files to and from various formats, including minidisc, cassette, vinyl,and various digital audio and video formats. Please inquire, to see if we support your desired formats.

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Rodrigo Botter Maio
Recorded one of the greats of the Zürich music scene, Rodrigo Botter Maio, a great musical experience
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Akil from Jurassic 5 & Flow'etic
Recording video at morph2
A real nice guy, great to work with!
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Markus Hauser
Laying down hot funk sax tracks at Morph2. Markus is sponsored by Yamaha saxophones.